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What is a house without a kitchen?

Melieta’s kitchen has already existed for 17 years. Love for baking comes from grandma’s kitchen.

SINCE 2007

About Melieta

Melieta’s kitchen has already been in existence for 17 years. Love for baking comes from grandma’s kitchen. It is a business that has grown from a dream and a passion.

Sandwiches, Muffins, Scone platters, Sweet platters, Large cakes, Occasion cakes, Cheese cakes, Flans, Tarts, Delicious dishes, Salads, Cooked or Uncooked Chicken Pies, Steak pie, Meat pies, Fudge, and many more…

Special Combos

Choose your own cakes, tarts, and rolls. Make your own selection from the price list

R540 Combo

2 Koeke, 2 Terte, 2 Rolls

R1080 Combo

4 Koeke, 4 Terte, 4 Rolls

R1350 Combo

5 Koeke, 5 Terte, 5 Rolls

R147 Combo

30 Hoenderpastjies / Samoosas

R245 Combo

50 Hoenderpastjies / Samoosas


What we Offer


We bake fresh daily for both orders and walk-ins. Whether for special occasions. Some prefer savory, some sweet, and some enjoy sticky treats. We cater to children as well, offering healthier alternatives to store-bought sweets. And when it comes to decorating cakes, we make it a fun and creative experience. I’ll bet your mouth is watering already!


Infused with a sweet, decadent, rich, and creamy aroma. Whether you crave a crispy texture or a silky smooth taste, moisture is key to crafting a delectable treat. cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, and tarts, each boasting its own distinctive flavors. From the richness of chocolate to the zestiness of citrus, the warmth of coffee, the cream and the sweetness.


Cakes come in a myriad of varieties, each uniquely shaped by the tin in which it’s baked or tailored to your specific desires. They are typically made with sweetened flour, resulting in a rich, delicate texture. From fluffy and spongy to smooth and velvety, cakes can offer a wide range including indulgent mousses that are rich, soft, succulent, and oh-so-velvety.


Freshly baked buttered puff pastry filling the air with its irresistible caramelized aroma. Our pastry selection is diverse, featuring savory puff pies, delicate phyllo creations, and buttery shortcrust tarts. The lightness of our pastries is perfected through the right balance of air and butter, ensuring each bite is a heavenly experience, with flavorful fillings.

About Us

Thank you for 17 years - I just want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you for the loyal support over the past 17 years. It is sincerely appreciated!

Savory platters, Sandwiches, Muffins, Scones platters, Sweet platters, Large cakes, Special occasion cakes, Cheesecakes, Flans, Tarts, Delicious foods, Salads, Cooked or Unbaked Chicken Pies, Steak Pies, Meat Pies, Fudge and much more...

Melieta's Kitchen has already been around for 17 years. A love for baking comes from Grandma's kitchen. It is a business that has grown from a dream and a passion. To give special attention to each individual, big or small, with different ideas and needs. To transform every event or party nightmare into a dream fantasy. Sweet and savory bakes deserve more than just a taste... from our kitchen.


We do small catering, private or conferences.

Preparing of dishes for groups or homelike treats for your family. Needs for any function you have- you can combine all together from our menu.